Offer of the Signature Suite Rooms
The hotel offers rooms with interesting views, historicizing paint and unusual dimensions such as signature suite - 6 rooms. The rooms are named after historical figures that were connected with the period of the High Renaissance (so-called Mannerism), Český Krumlov or the alchemists. Luxurious historicizing equipment will inspire you with the atmosphere of times past. Enjoy your free time and feel every moment of it.
Rudolf II
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The room of Emperor Rudolf II offers "heavenly luxury and quiet sleep". Bright and very spacious room.
Maximilian II
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The room of Emperor Maximilian II. in muted color tones offers a “harmonious interior and plenty of peace and quiet”.
Edward Kelly
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Edward Kelly is a very spacious room with paint in warm colors and with attic beams.
John Dee
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The room bears the name of John Dee, a well-known alchemist and scholar who worked in the Třeboň estate of William of Rosenberg.
William of Rosenberg
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William of Rosenberg is an influential Czech nobleman, whose life is significantly connected with Český Krumlov.
Antonin Michael of Ebersbach
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Antonín Michael of Ebesbach was commissioned to produce the Elixir of youth for William of Rosenberg and worked as a regent of the Rosenberg mines.
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